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Greyscale coloring books page

I recently came across greyscale coloring books for adults - part of a huge trend of grownups coloring (which I believe will be much more than passing phase). Love the fantasy ones especially - the nature and animals/creatures are also gorgeous. Here are several of the "best of" them for 2017 (use scrollbar on right [...]

Mandala design

Love these lists - this one lines up several of the top-sellers for 2017 among mandala coloring books for adults - some beautiful choices here! PS: There are additional resources here that also give info on other types of grownup coloring books:

Best coloring books for adults

De-stress, untangle the worries of your mind for a while, and rev up your imagination. Coloring is a totally awesome way to re-center yourself and take a moment to meditate. Pick up a few fine-tipped, colorful markers and simply zone out while coloring in an awesome, fun image. Sometimes coloring for a little while is enough [...]

LEGOs for toddlers – LEGO Superman minifigure

When it comes to toddlers and toys, safety is the number one concern for parents. While their youngster wants something adventurous and fun, parents simply want a risk-free, damage-free, harm-free toy that their kids can enjoy for a long time. It also doesn’t hurt if that toy provides some sort of learning experience, especially in [...]

Best 20 Inch Bikes for Kids in 2017 on eLink

More on kids' bikes by size - and this one might just be the best page yet. Here is a collection of wonderful 20" bicycles for children - both boys' and girls' styles included. (Use the scrollbar on the right to view down the page.)

16 Inch Bikes for Kids – Best for Boys and Girls for 2016-2017 – Tackk

Here is another wonderful resource in little kids' bikes - this page is designed to point you to exactly the 16" bike you might need for a child about 5, 6, 7 or 8 years old. (Use the scroll bar on the right side to move on down the page.) View 16 Inch Bikes for [...]

Two little kids on bikes

Need to find "just the right bike" for a toddler? No problem! This list (below) has quite a few great suggestions in 12 inch bikes for little boys and girls, to help them get started out right in the world of biking. (Updated for the end of this year, and into 2017)

Little boy wearing helmet and riding bike

As a parent, what would you say your criteria is for your child's bike being the "best?" I can tell you that safety is ranked number one on the must-have list. Sure, there is a helmet and a bunch of safety gear you can snag for your cutie. But the bike has to be safe [...]

Best A.I. Smart Robot Toys for Kids – Image of Robot

AI Smart Robot Toys - Top Picks Over the past few years I have noticed an emerging trend that I had a feeling would take the world of toys by storm - and it looks like this year it has. AI toys (toys with artificial intelligence, i.e., those toys that are able to notice and [...]

Disney Moana from the movie

One of the few movies that I have seen where I watched it right when it was released - Disney's Moana. A very sweet and entertaining film. And - just in time for the 2016 Christmas holiday season, there are a number of wonderful toys based on characters and events from the new Disney Moana [...]